vrijdag 24 augustus 2012

Election time

A comic I made two weeks ago about the upcoming election campaign in the Netherlands. This week the campaigns really started, so I am a bit late with this post... Anyhow, my translation: 1) Man with glasses: The elections are coming! I look forward to the debates already! Other man: Sure! 2) Other man: I can't wait for the calculations by the CPB (I have to explain this: the CPB - Central Plan Bureau - calculates the financial en economical consequences of the election programs of the different parties) Man with glasses: Oh yes! And the fine election evening! 3) Man with glasses: And after that a long and laborious cabinet formation... 4) VZ: I think I am going in hibernation very early this year...

Een Van Zanten over de verkiezingstijd - misschien net iets te laat omdat de campagne deze week losbarstte.

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