zondag 19 december 2010

Nevin Martell

I just finished reading this book about 'Calvin and Hobbes' creator Bill Watterson. The author, Nevin Martell, has tried to write a biography of the mysterious and reclusive Watterson, but the result is as much a personal story about looking for Watterson (which fails). I want to quote from one passage (from Chapter 9), because Martell describes very well the experience of looking at original comic art, just as I have felt it many times. Here we go: 

'The strip is drawn on a small piece of slightly yellowed, heavy drawing paper. It's surprisingly insubstantial, but it hums with an inner life. The paper is dotted with cover-ups and faint pencil lines that once guided Watterson's hand. (...) The second strip is even more eye-opening, because I notice things I've never seen before (...). I've read his strip a hundred times, it's amazing what looking at it in person does to my appreciation and my understanding of its miniscule details.'

Ik heb net dit boek uit over Bill Watterson, de maker van 'Calvin and Hobbes'. Auteur Nevin Martell heeft geprobeerd een biografie te schrijven over de mysterieuze en teruggetrokken Watterson, maar het resultaat is evenzeer een persoonlijk verhaal over het zoeken van Watterson (hetgeen mislukt). Eén passage (uit hoofdstuk 9) wil ik aanhalen, omdat Martell daarin de ervaring van het kijken naar een strip-origineel heel goed beschrijft, zoals ik dat al vele malen heb gevoeld: lees de vetgedrukte tekst hierboven (ik vertaal niet).

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  1. Thanks for blogging about the book! I hope you enjoyed it.

    All best and happy holidays,


  2. Thanks for your reaction, Nevin. I did enjoy the book! For the information about Watterson, of course (of whom I knew nothing) and for the insight you give in the american comics business.